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Cinnamon Face Wash

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Sage Cinnamon Face Wash is an excellent solution for people with oil skin. Sage Cinnamon Face Wash effectively controls oil secretion. Sage Cinnamon Face Wash reduces acne/pimple occurrences and past pimples marks. Moreover, Sage Cinnamon Face Wash leaves skin soft and refreshed.

Natural Ingredients
  • Aloe vera (Ghrit kumara)
  • Cinnamon distillate
  • GIyceroI
  • Sodium Iauryl sulphate,
  • Cocodiethanolamide
  • Meithyi-p-hydroxy benzoate

Aloe vera in Sage Cinnamon Face Wash acts as a skin softening agent. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and astringent properties. It also increases the blood circulation, when we applied externally on skin. Thus helps in removal of skin stretch marks. Sodium lauryl sulphate is used as a surfactant, which increases the absorption of active ingredients. Cocodiethanolamide is used as a foam and viscosity booster in Face Wash. Cinnamon distillate is used as mild astringent and it strongly stimulates the skin.

How to Apply
  • Moisten face and neck and apply adequate quantity of face wash gel. Gently dry for best results, use twice daily followed with Sage Acne Cream

  • 110 gm

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